Benefits of Latvian Citizenship

Restoring Latvian citizenship will get you access to the vast
benefits of an EU passport holder.
Live, work, study, set up a business in any EU country of your choice.

EU Citizenship for your children

Pass EU citizenship on to your future children

By obtaining Latvian citizenship now, you would be getting EU citizenship not only for yourself but for your future children and grandchildren.

If you have children after you already got your Latvian citizenship, your children would get Latvian citizenship by birth and will be able to pass it to their children and grandchildren.

Otherwise, they would not be eligible for it, since you are the last generation that can claim your citizenship based on your ancestor’s Latvian citizenship (it goes 3 generations back: parents, grandparents or great grandparents).

Children do not become citizens automatically. They need to apply separately.

Until Citizenship law amendment of 2015, persons that acquired dual citizenship by birth were required to choose which citizenship they want to keep when they turned 21 years old.

Children born to the person with dual citizenship will automatically get Latvian citizenship as well, as well as their children and their children. So this is an investment for generations.

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