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The Benefits of Latvian Dual Citizenship

By Elze
December 15, 2017

If you are a resident of the USA, Australia, Canada or any other country of the world and you are of Latvian descent, you have a chance to live, work or study in Europe by acquiring Latvian dual citizenship by descent. This gives you and your family several benefits apart from restoring your ancestral citizenship.
Here are just some of them:
1. Right to live in the EU and EFTA countries
Latvia has been part of the EU for over a decade. Having Latvian dual citizenship gets you access to live in all countries in the following countries of the European Union and EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland).
2. Right to work in the EU and EFTA countries
With a dual Latvian passport, you can work freely in all EU member states, not only in Latvia. Maybe this will open a window of opportunity for you to get the job that you have been dreaming of.
3. Possibility to get high-quality education in Europe
When deciding to move to Europe — one of the benefits that many people take into account is that their children can take advantage of the European education system. Latvian citizenship allows your family to benefit from a world-class educational system of EU and EFTA countries.
Medical studies, for example, are free in most EU countries. Each country of the European Union has its approach to setting fees for its students. Your children should look around Europe to see which option suits them best, since all students of EU countries are treated equally and pay the same fees (or, rather, often, do not have to pay them).
4. Avoiding Strict Visa Requirements
With dual citizenship, you are protected by two governments. You can appeal to one or both governments’ embassies if any problem occurs when you travel. With Latvian passport, you will be able to travel without a visa to almost all European countries, USA, Canada, most of South America as well as Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and several Asian and African countries.
In case Latvia does not have an embassy in a country where you travel, you would be able to get help from an embassy of any other EU country, since EU countries have a legal agreement to help each other’s citizens, in case an embassy of their own country is absent (consular protection).
5. EU healthcare system
If you are a citizen of Latvia, you have access to world-class healthcare systems of a number of the EU countries free of charge or at highly subsidized rates.
With Latvian citizenship, therefore EU citizenship, when visiting any EU country for short periods you can receive basic and emergency care with a European Health Insurance Card. It means that with a Latvian dual passport if you unexpectedly have health problems during your stay in another state of the EU or Switzerland — whether on holiday, a business trip or while studying — you will be entitled to any medical care that can not wait until you get home. You have the same right to health care as citizens of the EU country you are in.
6. Latvian and EU citizenship for your children
If you have Latvian citizenship, your children can get Latvian citizenship automatically or get the rights of EU citizens and would also be able to keep other citizenship, if they acquire them by birth. By obtaining Latvian citizenship you are getting citizenship not only for yourself but also for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This is a great opportunity for your family and future generations.
7. Residence permit in EU for your spouse
When restoring your Latvian citizenship your family gets several benefits and one of the main benefits is the right to live and work for your spouse in most of the EU countries. After living in the EU for some time, your spouse will be able to get a permanent residence and, eventually, citizenship.
8. Run a business in the EU
With Latvian citizenship, it will be much easier to start a business in any EU country on the same basis as EU citizens. EU citizenship will also help if you plan to establish a branch of your current business in Europe.
9. Boost your career by having EU citizenship
It is not a secret that Latvian citizenship gives you lots of opportunities to boost your career.
Try to consider the possibility to boost your career, to grow professionally, overcome challenges and gain new experience with EU citizenship. Building your career in EU countries might be a great option for you. Latvian citizenship allows you to live and work in the countries of the European Union without a need for residence and work permits, as European citizens can live anywhere in the EU and EEA countries (i.e. Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland).
10. Beautiful Country with traditions and customs
Latvia has many wonderful places to live, travel and raise your family. Most of Latvia is an undiscovered wonderland of medieval castles, pristine forests, and centuries-old buildings in all sorts of styles. Latvia is truly a wonderful place to live and enjoy life.
We at De Civitate offer a wide array of services that help applicants with Latvian heritage obtain citizenship of Latvia. We assist our clients with application, follow-up, search in Latvian archives, translations and any other tasks needed to restore Latvian citizenship.
You can contact us at info@latviancitizenship.eu for more information.
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