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10 Best Places to Visit in Latvia

By Elze
November 08, 2018

If you plan to get Latvian citizenship, you might be interested to visit Latvia and learn about its culture. Latvia is a country in the Baltic region that boasts hospitality and a welcoming ambiance. It has miles of beaches, beautiful sceneries, and architecture that reflect the country’s history and culture.
There are a lot of places that you can visit in the country, but we handpicked the top 10 destinations in Latvia for you:
Riga, the largest and most interesting city in the Baltic States, will inspire you by its architecture, Gothic cathedrals, world-class art galleries like the Riga Art Space and Happy Art Museum, as well as the bustling old town full of cozy cafes and bars. Riga will offer you a taste of Latvia’s traditional as well as modern cuisine, and you will be surprised by reasonably priced if you are coming from the US or Australia.
Known as the “city where the wind is born”, Liepaja is a port rich in entertainment. From Art Noveau pearls to historic churches, this place has a lot of interesting things to offer. You can also find the Karosta Military Port in Liepaja, which occupies approximately one-third of the total area of the city. It is a unique site not only in the history and architecture of Latvia but also globally.
Latgale is an immensely popular gem that highly rewards visitors. It is one of the four historical and cultural regions of Latvia. A famous artist Mark Rothko has his art center in the Latgale region and Northeast of it lies the Aglona Basilica, Latvia’s most renowned Catholic church.
The port of Ventspils is a city by the sea, which is a wonderful place for the whole family. Enjoy a street sculpture, let the children have fun in the city’s amusement parks, discover an interactive medieval castle, or relax on the Blue Flag beach.
Just a 20-minutes’ drive from Riga, Jūrmala is a seaside resort like no other. If you’re looking for fun, the beach and unique resorts are lively, which also offers relaxing amenities such as spas, bars, and restaurants. Jūrmala is also a great place to get back to nature, walking for miles on the pine forest shore or admiring the wonderful wooden summer houses.
If you are looking for an intimate weekend getaway, Kuldiga is the place to visit. This beautiful town offers wooden houses of Baroque splendor and a sense of soul, the widest waterfall in Europe, and enchanting restaurants and guest houses for a magical stay.
Rundale Palace and Museum
Often called the Baltic Versailles, Rundāles Palace will take you to an age of splendor. It was designed by Francesco Rastrelli, the same architect who worked on St. Petersburg Hermitage palace.
Turaida Museum-Reserve
Latvia is a country of old traditions, and the best place to experience them is the reserve of the Turaida Museum near Sigulda. Explore the medieval castle and intriguing museum, connect with Latvia’s musical heritage on the Folk Song Hill, and admire the views of the beautiful Gauja River Valley.
Cēsis is a city with an intriguing mix of modern and historical attractions. Taste the timeless atmosphere of the old town, settle into medieval life in an ancient castle, indulge in lovely cafes, and enjoy a variety of artistic and musical events.
Gauja National Park
Gauja National Park is a great travel destination. Stroll along the scenic hiking trails in the area, explore charming medieval castles or enjoy adrenalin-filled recreational activities like bungee jumping, bobsleighing, and others.
Indeed, Latvia has a lot to offer. Latvian passport holders enjoy the benefit of traveling through the rest of the country anytime they wish. If you are a Latvian descendant and would like to acquire a Latvian Dual Passport, you may reach out to us at info@latviancitizenship.eu. We offer assistance from document acquisition, application preparation, translation services, and more.

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