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Education Benefits of Latvian Dual Citizenship

By Elze
May 08, 2020
European Union education system
The European education system is known for its high quality thus one of the benefits that people take into account when deciding to get Latvian dual citizenship is that they or their children can take advantage of the European education system.
Any person who has Latvian citizenship is automatically an EU citizen. As an EU citizen, you would have the possibility to attend any EU university under the same conditions as other EU nationals. Latvian citizenship allows benefiting from a world-class education system of EU and EFTA countries. Each country has its own higher education system – but all of them are part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
The EHEA system helps ensure that higher education systems across Europe are compatible and that students, researchers and academics in Europe can collaborate, study or work in other EU countries easily.
Latvian citizens can benefit from significantly lower tuition fees
When it comes to fees, a wide range of options is open to you: from programs that cost tens of thousands of Euros at one end of the scale, to free-of-charge degree programs at the other (with many options in between). This variation in cost in many cases is not based on quality differences – each country of the European Union has its own approach to setting fees for its students. And the fees and conditions that an EU country sets for its own students are automatically applied to any other EU student that wants to study there. So you should look around Europe to see which option suits you best since you will definitely find something suitable for you or your children.
The average tuition fee for an international master’s program in Europe is around 5.100 EUR for students from within the EEA, for international bachelor program, the fees for EU students is 4.500 EUR and twice as high for non-EU students.
Overview of education costs in selected EU countries
EU citizens have access to student loans and a number of grants and scholarships. For example, tuition fee for medical studies in the US is $20-40,000 per year, but medical studies are free in Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and many other countries in Europe. If you study medicine in Europe (to become a doctor in 7 years) you can save $140,000-280,000 compared to the study costs in the USA. Costs for other types of studies would be smaller, but you would still save a substantial amount as widen your cultural horizons by living in another country and continent.
In England, EU students pay a tuition fee ranging from 7,560 EUR to 12,600 EUR per year, depending on the area of studies, degree and university. In comparison tuition fees for non-EU students can reach 27,700 EUR per year. While it is still uncertain how Brexit will affect EU students in Britain, it is likely that they will continue to enjoy preferential treatment, since many British students study in the EU, as well.
If you have or consider obtaining Latvian citizenship you can also study for free in several EU countries. One of the countries that offer tuition-free education for EU citizens is Austria. Austrian universities do not charge tuition fees for students from EU-EEA member countries and Switzerland. Students from non-EU countries pay a study fee of average 726 EUR (per semester). Of course, many lectures are in German, however, you should do your research, since increasingly many degrees are being taught partially or exclusively in English.
University education in Denmark is also free for students from the EU countries and Switzerland. For students from other countries, tuition fees range from about EUR 6,000 to EUR 16,000 Euro per year. And tuition fees may reach over 35,000 EUR/year for non-EU students for some highly specialized degrees.
In the Netherlands, tuition fees for EU students at any degree level can reach up to 2,000 EUR per year. The average tuition fees for non-EU students studying in this country are multiple times more expensive – between 6,000 – 12,000 EUR per year for a bachelor’s degree, and 8,000 – 20,000 EUR per year for master’s degree.
Widen your horizons by studying in Europe
Widen your horizons – come to Europe to get a degree from a selected university in any European country. Not only will you get a quality education and will live in a new country, but most likely you will save on the tuition fees as well, if you have dual Latvian citizenship. Your diploma will not be just a piece of paper, but a passport to your future opportunities and success in life.
Besides education, there are multiple other benefits of having Latvian dual citizenship as well.
If you have Latvian descent and would like to acquire Latvian dual passport, you may reach out to us via email at info@latviancitizenship.eu. We offer assistance ranging from document acquisition, application preparation, translation services, and guidance throughout the process until Latvian citizenship is granted. Email us today so we can assess your eligibility for Latvian dual citizenship by descent for free.
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