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Top 10 Reasons to Apply for Latvian Dual Citizenship

By Elze
July 31, 2019

Many people, especially young ones, have ambitious dreams to live, study or work in any country they chose. And for many people, the European Union is one of the most attractive destinations. Persons that get Latvian citizenship by descent get an opportunity to live, work and study in any European Union country as well as many other benefits enjoyed by citizens of the EU. Besides, they don’t have to give up the citizenship of the country of their birth. You could have as many reasons, but we’ve listed the top 10 reasons to apply for a Latvian dual citizenship.
Let’s begin with the list to convince you or your family members to apply for Latvian citizenship:
1. Live in one of 30 EU countries of your choice
Young professionals have the advantage of living in any of the 30 countries in Europe. They can pursue their career aspirations without geographical boundaries shrinking their opportunities. Latvia became a member of the European Union in the year of 2004 and joined the Schengen Area in 2007.
2. Improve career prospects with the EU and EFTA countries as a potential destination
How would you sum up the opportunity to work and hold the reins of your career in top 30 EU, EFTA countries? As a professional, you couldn’t think of getting a more opportune environment. The liberty to work in Latvia or any of the EU countries push you to put your best efforts.
3. Don’t reel in debt after degree
The low tuition fees are a big talking point. Look at where the world is heading. The education system in Europe is still holding to the basic principles. The guiding principles of offering education and imparting knowledge to strengthen society. You’ve got the example of America, Canada or Australia on one side. And on the other side, there are countries in the EU charging nominal or no fee. What a difference does it make to the future of students and communities? It serves the purpose of education, rewards talent.
4. How about traveling to 150 countries visa-free or getting visa-on-arrival?
Besides the possibility to travel and live in the EU, Latvian dual passport holders can travel to most of North and South American countries visa-free. They also can visit Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and many Asian countries with visa-on-arrival or visa-free options. Latvian dual passport opens the window to travel the world without boundaries.
Know about how its beneficial a visa-free travel for Latvian passport holders.
5. Enjoy the benefits of an exemplary healthcare system
Living in Europe has its biggest advantage in the form of the advanced healthcare system. Citizens can enjoy healthcare services for free or have to pay a nominal fee. Families find it a convincing reason to settle in one of the EU countries to live a healthy, happy life. These services may sound obvious but take a look around other parts of the world. The situation is the opposite as citizens struggle to afford or pay for healthcare.
6. Latvian dual citizenship for your children
The benefits of living in an EU country might shape the future of your children. They’d have access to everything that you once dreamed about. They would have the best education, career options, safety and quality of life. Applying for Latvian dual citizenship serves several purposes. Your children and grandchildren would have citizenship by birth if you obtain Latvian citizenship by descent before they are born.
7. Mark a new chapter by living together with a spouse in the EU
When a partner moves to an EU country, the spouse can also join him or her. They can get the permit to live and work in the EU country together with their spouse. After living for several years in the country it is possible to apply for a permanent residence permit and, eventually, citizenship.
8. Give your business a boost
To rank 39th in the Human Development Index is not a small feat, which is what Latvia ranks. It’s a relatively high-income country. It offers a conducive environment for press freedom, civil liberties and Internet independence. Latvia is a member of WTO, NATO, UN, European Union, Eurozone and the Council of Europe. Latvia has been an open and democratic country for 30 years now. It has a strong and independent judiciary system and stable, yet growing economic environment. All of these factors put business organizations in a unique position to grow and compete globally.
9. EU citizenship spearheads career growth
With Latvian dual citizenship (i.e. citizenship of an EU country), employees stand to win a strategic battle. Companies consider the candidate with Latvian dual passport for business expansion plans. They could save tens of thousands of dollars in the process. With Latvian passport, you might have an advantage for a new opening in Europe if you are working for a multinational company. It could land you an opportunity you worked hard.
10. Connect to your roots and live in a beautiful country with old traditions and customs
Latvia has many wonderful places to live and enjoy and Latvians have a bright and busy culture. One of the factors why Latvia impresses almost every single family is the quality of life. Get Lithuanian citizenship because why not? There is no reason why you should not get Lithuanian and EU citizenship. Your taxes will not increase, there is no obligation to vote, there is no language requirement and you do not even have to travel to Latvia to obtain Latvian citizenship.
If you have Latvian descent and would like to acquire Latvian dual passport, you may reach out to us via email at info@latviancitizenship.eu. We offer assistance from document acquisition, application preparation, translation services, and guidance throughout the process until citizenship is granted. Email us today so we can assess your eligibility for Latvian dual citizenship by descent.
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