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Latvian multiple citizenship

Is it possible to get Latvian citizenship as third or fourth citizenship?

August 25, 2022

Latvia does not prohibit multiple citizenships and there is no problem for you if you have two, three, or four citizenships and passports.

Having Latvian dual citizenship allows you to have more than one passport, which provides many different personal and travel benefits. Think of it this way: a passport is basically a document of your freedom. This allows you to travel outside of the country where you live. By holding multiple passports, you have greater access to more countries. There are financial benefits as well, as some banks and financial institutions tend to be more willing to work with citizens of certain countries while avoiding other countries that have complex financial or tax requirements.

On May 9, 2013, the Latvian Saeima (Parliament) adopted changes, effective October 1, 2013, to the laws to allow Latvian dual citizenship, and most USA Latvians or living in other countries may be eligible to apply for and receive Latvian citizenship while retaining other citizenship they may hold.

The Latvian Citizenship law allows descendants of Latvian citizens that left during WWII to get DUAL Latvian citizenship. People with Latvian ancestors have the possibility of obtaining dual Latvian citizenship. At the same time, our team at Latviancitizenship.eu sometimes receives inquiries from people who want to know if they can get Latvian citizenship if they already have the citizenship of two or three countries.

In the case of Latvia, it’s not a problem if you already have dual citizenship. You have the opportunity to acquire Latvian citizenship without renouncing any of your citizenships.

Latvian law considers dual and multiple nationals in the same way as those who have only Latvian citizenship. If a Latvian citizen also has the citizenship of another state, the Latvian authorities will consider that person to be a Latvian citizen both in Latvia and abroad.

However, some countries in Europe forbid their citizens from having two or more citizenship. Among them are Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Malta, Monaco. Some other Europe countries do not recognize dual citizenship as well.

For example, when applying for German citizenship, you not only need to show that you have applied for renunciation of another citizenship but also provide a document confirming that you have actually renounced it. There is a similar procedure for applying for Danish citizenship.

At the same time, some countries (among them USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Switzerland, and some others) allow their citizens to have two or more citizenships.

How to get Latvian citizenship

First of all, you need to check the eligibility criteria to get Latvian citizenship and check whether you meet these criteria. If yes, you can fill out an application on this site and our experts will help you check the possibility of restoring citizenship by descent.

When you are ready to draw up the documents, our lawyers will help you prepare the set of documents necessary for filing an application. If necessary, we will contact the archives to obtain the missing documents. We will prepare all translations and arrange the submission of your application.
You will not need to come to Latvia to submit documents. As a result, we will arrange for you to obtain a passport as a citizen of Latvia.

Having Latvian citizenship will provide you with a number of benefits. If you have Latvian ancestors, you might be eligible for dual Latvian citizenship.

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