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Get Latvian Citizenship For Your Children— Eligibility and Limits

By Elze
May 28, 2020
If you’ve wondered whether you should unearth those documents and finally restore Latvian citizenship, now’s the time to say yes. If you want to be part of a nation that ranks high in human development, growth, and liberties— which is also a member of the EU—, you should get the process started.
But who’s eligible for restoration by descent? And if you are, what about your children? Do they become Latvian citizens automatically?
Who can restore Latvian citizenship?
Restoration by descent means you trace back your ancestry to someone who was a Latvian citizen, present documents that prove it, and apply to become a citizen ‘by right of blood’. It might be a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent— generations don’t count for Latvian law.
What are the limits for getting Latvian citizenship?
Here’s what does matter: to be eligible for Latvian dual citizenship (keeping your other nationality too), your ancestors need to have left Latvia during the Occupation in the last century.
What’s the Occupation? Though not the most studied fragment of twentieth-century history, Latvia was occupied from World War II until the 90s by either Germany or the Soviet Union. Many Latvians emigrated (left or were exiled) and became citizens of other countries. Their descendants might be eligible for citizenship restoration today.
So while there is no generation limit, there is a temporal one: if your ancestor left Latvia between 1940 and 1990, you are a candidate for Latvian citizenship.
Do your children get Latvian citizenship too?
This is a crucial question if you have a family or dream of starting one. Latvia became a member of the EU in 2004— this brings many benefits but also wildly increasing numbers of citizenship applications. This means an increase in restrictions.
If you have children.
Your children can restore their Latvian citizenship because your ancestors are theirs too. There’s only one catch: they’re eligible if born before 2014.
If you don’t have children yet.
If you go through the process to get citizenship by descent while you’re still childless, you’re in the clear. After restoration, any child you have will automatically get Latvian citizenship because they have a Latvian parent.
However, if you have a child before you restore citizenship, they won’t be able to restore Latvian citizenship, even if you do. The reason— they were born after 2014 to parents who weren’t citizens.
Any person born after 2014 cannot restore Latvian citizenship by descent. So, if you do not have children yet, you should restore your Latvian citizenship as soon as possible, so that your children obtain Latvian citizenship by birth (since they will not be able to restore it anymore).
Benefits of restoring your Latvian citizenship.
All well and good, but why should you go finding and translating documents and filling out applications (though we can help you with all that) to restore citizenship? What are the benefits of rushing to ensure you can pass on Latvian citizenship to your children?
1. EU membership. Because Latvia is a member of the European Union, restoring citizenship gives you very tangible advantages. You get advanced and accessible healthcare, a secure environment, and can relocate to anywhere within the EU (by yourself or with a spouse). Best way to start a new chapter in life.
2. Education and career advancement. As a citizen of an EU state, where universities don’t charge astronomical sums, you can get a degree without sinking into a debt trap. And with a dual passport, you have a better chance of scoring your dream job in your home country or Europe.
3. Business opportunities. Latvia’s is a healthy economy with an average high income and good infrastructure. Its stability and competitive environment can mean success for your startup and business goals.
4. Build roots and open doors for your family. When you have Latvian citizenship, whether you move to Latvia or not, you become part of an ancient culture with a deep identity. What’s more— you get to pass on this legacy (and all the life-changing opportunities that come with it) to your children and the generations to come.
Summing up
If your child was born before 2014, they might be eligible for Latvian citizenship. If they were born after 2014, they can’t get it, even if you are eligible. If you have no children yet, take action, file the paperwork, and restore your Latvian citizenship now.
If your application is granted, you’ll set up a solid foundation for yourself and your family for generations.
If you have Latvian descent and would like to acquire a Latvian dual passport, reach out to us via email at info@latviancitizenship.eu. We offer assistance in document acquisition, application preparation, translation services, and guidance throughout the process until citizenship is granted. Email us today so we can assess your eligibility for Latvian citizenship by descent.
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