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Boost your career with EU citizenship

By Elze
September 29, 2017

Have you considered the possibility to boost your career, to grow professionally towards challenges and gain new experience? Working and making a career in EU countries might be a great option for you. There are lots of opportunities to develop yourself as a professional or just start a new career and accepting new challenges. Lithuanian citizenship gives you opportunity to live/work in European countries without a need for residence and work permits, as European citizens can live anywhere in the EU and EEA countries (i.e. Norway, Switzerland and Iceland).

When you have Lithuanian citizenship, you have the right to work freely or to start your own business in any European country. Moreover, if you start your business in Lithuania, but then decide to grow, other European countries are open for you. You do not need to worry about a three-month of allowed period of stay for non-European citizens anymore.

When you have European citizenship, your spouse has a right to live and work in European countries as well, which is a great benefit for your family. Your children have a possibility to study, travel, and work in European countries.

Also, it might be that the company you currently work for has a branch in some of EU countries and by having EU citizenship, it will be much easier for you to transfer from your current county branch to any European branch since you will not need the work permit (which takes a lot of time to obtain).

There is a constant demand for young entrepreneurs and professionals who can inject new ideas and entrepreneurial skills into European economies, either by opening businesses or by working as highly skilled self-employed professionals.

By obtaining Lithuanian citizenship you would have a possibility to live and work in any EU country as well as Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Whether you want to explore Europe, by living and working here or you want to boost your current career, by having international experience – getting Lithuanian citizenship will provide you this opportunity.

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